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Thank you very much guys,  you don’t know how much it means for me to hear that.  thank you again.

((the asks were a response to this post a while back, i basically made that older post due to the fact that i had to get saved often when i played L4D2 with my friends and wondered what my survivor would be thinking if people had to keep on saving her in tough situations))

Sorry for the wait, we went to get some supplies.

((alright, hey guys…wow i think that’s a little more than 2 weeks since i’ve been on this blog, well anyways things have changed since i last posted an artwork.  my character designed changed and has a new story now (2 years later) so ive decided to make a new blog for the new survivor  if you want to check it out then this Bianca here, and im running a new one with tf2 that is pretty new blu-female-soldier.  if you guys have any question about the blogs then you can ask me at my personal blog here.  the bad news is that i may no long come back to this, maybe post drawings of nera and bianca when i do them once in a while.   im sorry for all the problems that i’ve caused.))

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